IAESTE Philippines



Universities and colleges play a huge role in IAESTE by both promoting the program to their students and offering training placements to foreign students. Through the IAESTE exchange program, students may secure paid course-related training abroad, usually for a period of 12 weeks up to 52 weeks (12 months).

Training experience gained abroad has the added value of enhancing students’ independence and flexibility, communication, and foreign language skills, and contributes to their personal and academic development.


Academic staff act as a big help to IAESTE Philippines raising training offers and by doing so have at the same time ensuring that their own students are treated priority applicants to IAESTE. University departments may increase the number of their students sent abroad by making reciprocal offers for foreign trainees. Alternatively, academic staff can volunteer to contact companies on program’s behalf whether individually or through mass e-mailings or mailings. IAESTE Philippines will contact any companies you feel would be interested in hosting or sponsoring a foreign student/trainee on a short term basis.

By making an offer of training to a foreign IAESTE student, you will not be depriving a Philippine student of that place but ensuring that another exchange placement for a Philippine student is secured abroad. Bear in mind that IAESTE traineeships at universities can also lead to useful contacts between institutions. If you are able to assist IAESTE either by directing us to potential new companies or becoming one yourself, please contact IAESTE Philippines to request an Offer of Training Form and Guidelines.

University departments are in a unique position of seeing not only the benefits derived by having foreign trainees in their department but also the knowledge and experience gained by their own students from undertaking an internship abroad. It is vital that we have strong and lasting links with Universities and Colleges in order to achieve our aims