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The information contained on this form will be transcribed onto a standard IAESTE Philippines offer form. Neither your company’s address nor the name of the official responsible will be given to a foreign student until after we have received written confirmation from yourselves that the selected candidate has been accepted for training

Every effort will be made to select a candidate for training according to the requirements you have indicated on this offer form. For this reason, it is advisable to include as much details as possible both on the type of placement offered and the qualifications of the trainee required. Please attach a company brochure with your offer form as this will further ensure that an informed and motivated student is put forward as your trainee.

One student will be nominated for this placement and unless you have requested otherwise, details of an IAESTE selected candidate will reach you by 31 March, which is IAESTE’s international deadline for nominations. Once you have confirmed acceptance of the trainee (Please advise us if you have specific date other than March 31) IAESTE Philippines will take care of all visa requirements, in case of extension, employer will assist IAESTE Philippines. We would like to ask that if you do not find the chosen candidate acceptable, the member country which selected the trainee should be allowed to put forwards an alternative candidate. If suitable candidate cannot be found, your offer will then be passed to another country, provided there is still time available.

Although the training offer you are making is not legally binding, we request that you view this as a serious commitment to hold a place open for an IAESTE trainee, at least until the specified nomination deadline. PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER THIS AS A SOURCE OF ONE OF MANY APPLICATIONS TO BE SCREENED FOR TRAINING PLACEMENTS WITHIN YOUR COMPANY, BUT AS AN IAESTE OFFER TO BE UNDERTAKEN BY AN IAESTE TRAINEE.


I agree to hold this offer open for a foreign trainee and expect to receive details of the selected IAESTE student.

Employers must return completed form by iaeste@poec.net or to:

IAESTE Philippines
032 – 414 - 0289 / 02 – 750 - 7896
Main Branch: Unit 2 – 2/F, Grnd Orchard South, South Road, Cebu City
Manila Branch: P – 15, VGP Center, Chinabank savings Bldg. Ayala Ave. Makati city

In the Philippines, IAESTE is administered by POEC Consultancy International, Inc. A company engaged in Cultural Exchange Programs, which is SEC registered in the Philippines offering student services such as study board, international internship and training abroad. Neither IAESTE Philippines nor POEC Consultancy International Inc., can be held responsible for any accidents or damages which may occur either at a trainee’s place of work or elsewhere during placement in the Philippines.