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I was an intern in Krakow, Poland during the summer of 2019 under one of the most prestigious universities in the country – AGH University of Science and Technology – a pioneer in research about mining and geological related studies. I was assisting an ongoing research about heat transfer in borehole heat exchangers and heat pumps under the supervision of Mr. Tomasz Sliwa and Mr. Tomek Kowalski. They taught me the importance and potential of the study to help my country in the future as a source of renewable energy.

I had the opportunity to be friends with people all over the world which made my experience much exciting and memorable. We spent most of our free time exploring historical and beautiful places in Poland and attending organized IAESTE events together. There was never a boring day when I was with my friends. I did not have a hard time adjusting to Polish culture because IAESTE committee and members were overall cooperative and helpful. Besides Poland, I also traveled to nearby countries and learned a lot about diverse European culture.

I loved the work, weather, people, food, and memories I have made with other trainees. The things I learned during my stay there are amazing and priceless. IAESTE gave me an immersive learning and experience I will never forget.

-From Kathryne Camyle I. Renigen

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